Democratic Candidate
U.S. House of Representatives
SC District 04




  • Insured through work: new taxes 

     But eliminates premiums

  • Currently on Medicaid: possibly 

     Higher taxes but more choices

  • Uninsured: all get healthcare 

  • Buy their own insurance: new

    taxes but less out of pocket 


  • Veterans: keep existing healthcare

  • Native Americans: keep existing 


  • Doctors/Hospitals face pay cuts 

    But no unpaid bills

  • Drug companies make less profit

  • Health insurance companies



  • Expand background checks

  • Fight the gun lobby

  • Keep guns out of the hands of 

    domestic abusers, violent 

    criminals and the severely 

    mentally ill



  • Overturn Citizens United

  • End unaccountable money in 


  • Give small donors their voices 



  • Make America first in renewable 


  • Generate enough renewable

     energy to power every home

  • Cut energy waste

  • Reduce oil consumption 


  • The wealthiest Americans should 

     Not pay a lower tax rate than 

     middle class families 

  • Close tax loopholes that allow 

     Wall Street money managers

     to pay less than families

  • Simplify and cut taxes for small 

     businesses so they can hire 

     and grow 


  • Defend DACA against partisan 


  • Enforce immigration laws 


  • End family detention

  • Promote Naturalization 


   Over 25 million Americans suffer from addiction yet only 1 in 10 receive treatment. We simply can't incarcerate our way out of it. 

  • We need Federal and State 

     cooperation to implement 

     programs to treat addiction

     and support people in recovery 

  • We need standards and training

     for prescribers and monitoring 

  • Prioritize rehabilitation over 

     incarceration for low level drug




About Chris

Chris was born into a middle class family in 1969, graduating from Walhalla High School in 1987. He started his career working for Duke Power at the Bad Creek project. From 1990-92, he worked for Mike Roach Irrigation. In 1993, he started his own profitable irrigation company. But in 2007, when he was offered a position with DZ Atlantic in the nuclear industry, he decided to move into the growing field. He is also a certified high voltage electrician. Chris decided to run for Congress due to his own growing frustration attempting to contact his U.S. Senators and Representatives without success. He believes elected officials should be in constant contact with their constituents to better understand the issues they face. Chris hopes to help turn the tide of political bribery and corruption in this country and propel the true American values of liberty and justice for all. He is running for U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district.


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